Pet Sitters in Knoxville

Great #PetCare doesn’t happen by CHANCE. It happens by APPOINTMENT! Call the Home #PetCare Professionals at Kritter Komfort Pet Sitting & Dog Walking of #Knoxville, #Tennessee, and you’ll KNOW your pets – AND YOUR HOME – are taken care of by PROFESSIONALS!!! When you have #KritterKomfort of #Knoxville perform ANY of their services for you, GUESS WHAT ELSE YOU GET AT NO ADDITIONAL COST?

Our “In-Your-Home”#PetSitting and #PetCare services include:

Play, love & attention time with your pet(s)
Feeding according to your schedule
Medications (liquid, pill & ointment only)
Cleaning food & water bowls
Vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning pet areas
Brushing your pet’s hair/fur/coat
Eye cleansing
Dog walking
Backyard potty breaks
Scooping cat litter daily
Indoor and outdoor plant watering
Mail & newspaper pick-up
Federal Express & UPS door package retrieval
Front door advertisement removal
Reversing blinds, drapery & lights
Taking trash & recycle bins to and from the curb
Home Security detail each visit

THAT’S RIGHT! So, take a moment and call us for a FREE IN-HOME MEETING to see just how much we can do for YOU and your PETS!

CALL US TODAY AT (865) 705-0221!!

#PetSitting & #DogWalking in Knoxville, TN

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