Dog Walkers in Knoxville

Call Kritter Komfort if you a looking for someone to walk your dog or dogs. We have a TON of great referencesPet Owners in Knoxville, Tennessee, will find our First-Level-Pet-Care in Knoxville to be TOP NOTCH if you are seeking any of the following things:

Dog Walker

Dog Walkers

Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking Company

Dog Walking Companies

Dog Walker in Knoxville

Dog Walkers in Knoxville

Dog Walking Service in Knoxville

Dog Walking Company in Knoxville

Dog Walking Companies in Knoxville

Knoxville Dog Walker

Knoxville Dog Walkers

Knoxville Dog Walking Service

Knoxville Dog Walking Company

Knoxville Dog Walking Companies

Kritter Komfort is a licensed, bonded and insured professional pet sitting and dog walking service located in – and serving the pet sitting and dog walking needs of Knoxville, Tennessee, residents. We provide quality references to all of our new clients — upon request — including endorsements from a well-known veterinary office in Knoxville. We are very committed to offering excellence and integrity to the animal care profession and we truly respect our clients, their homes and furry (or scaled) little friends.

Kritter Komfort Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Knoxville, TN
(865) 705-0221

Our “In-Your-Home” pet sitting and pet care services include:

Play, love & attention time with your pet(s),
Feeding according to your schedule,
Medications (liquid, pill & ointment only),
Cleaning food & water bowls,
Vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning pet areas,
Brushing your pet’s hair/fur/coat,
Eye cleansing,
Dog walking,
Backyard potty breaks,
Scooping cat litter daily (changing if necessary),
Indoor and outdoor plant watering,
Mail & newspaper pick-up,
Federal Express & UPS door package retrieval,
Front door advertisement removal,
Reversing blinds, drapery & lights,
Taking trash & recycle bins to and from the curb,
Home Security detail each visit.